Sonny Boys Tours gives you a chance for a unique experience to get a rare glimpse of the distinctive wild horses of the West!  OR Explore the magnificent sights of the Great Basin, the Paiute Tribe at Pyramid Lake and more! Four different tours offer a one-of-a-kind encounter that will leave you with a long-lasting memory!

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Horses capture the imagination for many of us.  Exactly why… or what it is exactly that fascinates us and compels us stop and absorb their essence… it’s hard to put into words.  When you’re lucky enough to spot a horse in the wild!  …well the feeling is indescribable!  Take that moment today  —  the opportunity is now to capture a loss for words.



These words bring an image of horses running across the open horizon, manes streaming with the wind, muscles defined with each movement of their stretched-out delicate legs, the sound of thunder as their hooves cascade upon the ground.  It is an image that we see in our mind, a vision we connect with in our soul…



In 1971, Federal legislation was passed that established the preservation of wild horses:  “wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West…”  The Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management or BLM became tasked with the job of managing the wild herds.  Horses are routinely rounded up from public lands. The subject of managing the Mustangs comes under heated debate.  Many horse enthusiasts have adopted Mustangs over the years, and most Mustangs are transformed into sociable, functional equine.  Yet, many thousands of horses…

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Pyramid Lake is home to the Paiute tribe and they have lived on the land surrounding the lake for thousands of years. The Paiute, the Washoe, and the Shoshone tribes in the Great Basin region make up the Three Nations of Native Americans in Northern Nevada. One very special species of fish, the KuUi is only found at Pyramid Lake and is on the endangered species list.Taking in the sights of the lake includes observing the tufa formations, the infamous Pyramid and Stone Mother figure set the Lake apart from the ordinary. The two unique geological creations were formed over millions of years. They protrude from the water’s surface, and…

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The Virginia Range is an area of about 30 square miles located in Northern Nevada just East of Reno Nevada. The mountain range was infamous for the 1960’s Western TV series, Bonanza that featured the Cartwright family. Virginia City located near the center of the range, became famous from the gold and silver mining era known as ‘the Comstock Lode’. Early settlers and miners heading west …

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Wild horses have roamed the Virginia Range for an unknown number of years. During the 1860’s as thousands of immigrants converged on the area to search for gold, wild horses, or ‘Mustangs’ were seen along the landscape as they can be seen today. The word Mustang or Mustano’ was coined by the Spanish settlers more than two centuries earlier to describe the horses that escaped from their corrals or from Spanish Galleons that crashed along the coast lines of America.

After the ‘west was won’, many soldier horses that were European breeds of large stature were abandon…

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Imagine the West as it was hundreds of years ago.  Enjoy the narrated audio tour that describes the origin of the mustang and discover how the wild horse remains the living symbol of American Heritage.