At this time of giving and reflection, we think of the times that made us smile. We remember the experiences that caused our hearts leap with joy. For those who visited Reno and took our tour, we thank you! We hope that the first glimpse of seeing the wild horse created a unique moment and an extraordinary memory for you. The mustangs have given us something internally rich that cannot be measured in monetary value.

The sight of a young foal nudging his mare to nurse, the wonder at seeing the lone stallion standing bravely and watching us, the birth of ‘Sonny’ with his family standing sentry, the amazement at looking up at a family band grazing peacefully on a hillside. These are just a few of the memories that we have enjoyed sharing with all of you.

Happy holidays! Have a prosperous and memorable new year from Sonny Boys Tours.
All the best,

Tina & Patrick Brodrick

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