If you’ve never ridden a horse in the Virginia City 4th of July Parade, you’ve missed an experience. You get to Ride up side streets congested with traffic to get to the staging area, a narrow main street (C Street) with cars parked on both sides and spectators on the roadside between the cars and the horses, and lots of noise echoing off the old two-story buildings with their covered boardwalks and overhanging balconies.

Add to that mixture two horses that have been off the range for only 9 months and adopted for about 5 weeks and you’d think that this was a formula that couldn’t work. These two equines handled it all like pros! Kudos to Nevada’s inmate training program. Thomas Smittle rode Big-N, a horse that he actually trained in the program. It was a VERY incredible day. Here are more photos.


Thanks to the Wild Ass Women for letting these and other mustangs tag along. Thanks to Bob R. for the photos.

“:O) Willis


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