With the keen eyes of our eight-year old visitor, we spotted the gray little donkey with Mr. Mule in the canyon. There are times when we see a lot of horses in the canyon and other times we don’t see a soul. Rarely do we see little donkey. We’ve only spotted him once last July 2012.
We’ve only seen Mr. Mule a handful of times. However, today, they were both hanging out together with three other stallions. Mr. Mule is hard to see in the picture. He has a white spot at the top of his tail.
He was seen on our tour last September 2012: White Sox with white spot at top of tailFor more information on our American Mustang and to find out how you can help to keep them free roaming, go to Sonny Boys Tours on Facebook.
Also, check out our website: http://www.RenoWildHorseTours.com
Click on the links on the right side of the home page to get more information about sponsoring a wild horse or how to donate to one of the advocate groups that are working hard to protect these wonderful creatures.

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