The aspens and cotton woods trees turn to brilliant yellows and reds, and wild horses show the first signs of adapting to the changing weather with their winter coats forming.

The state of Nevada, Department of Agriculture continues to set up bait traps at various locations to lure the wild horses with food and water. Dedicated advocates keep watch throughout the Virginia Range for the traps. The non-profit groups were successful in the last two auctions to save the mustangs from being purchased by the kill-buyers. Many people donated time and money to buy the horses at the auction. Of course, no one wants to see a repeat of last month’s unfortunate events.
Please be sure to visit Sonny Boys Tours on Facebook to get more details and to find out how you can help. OR follow the advocate links to donate on our website,

Remember to visit Sonny’s Store at The DVD with over 130 pictures of Nevada’s mustangs is a perfect stocking stuffer for all the horse lovers on your list! Sonny Boys Tours will contribute 10% of proceeds to help preserve our American Mustang.

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