Free-raoming Mustangs are under attack – not by predators such as mountain lions or coyote. Not from the elements of Mother Nature. Wild horses do not succumb to disease or aliments like domestic horses. The threat to family bands throughout the Western States is our very own government. The agency that was sworn to protect them under the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. On Wednesday, July 12, 2017, our United State Congress men and women will vote on language written by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) under the Interior Department to allow wild horses to be sold “without limitation”. This language means only one thing — wild horses that belong to U.S., will be sold to kill buyers. It is an ugly term, and an unthinkable idea, but a reality in our time, right now.

Even though many of our visitors over the years are not “horse people”, they have been thrilled to be able to view these magnificent animals that are free roaming with their families. Many have learned about their perseverance and have learned about the dynamics of the bachelor bands. In the Virginia Range near Reno Nevada, visitors have been able to be captivated by our American Mustang.

Please help preserve our living heritage of the West, the Mustangs that belong to all of U.S. Call, email, text, facebook, tweet, and contact Congresspersons in your state. Let them know you love seeing the Mustangs. Let them know that the wild horses belong to U.S.

Congress decides their fate — from Maine to Oregon, from Florida to California. Let them know that BLM needs to work with advocate groups to preserve our magnificent American Mustang on the range to roam free with their families. Take 20 minutes out of your day, today for the love of wild horses! For more information visit the ASPCA website


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