Thankful for Wild Horses!

Thankful for Wild Horses!

We continue to be thankful to be so lucky to see wild horses free-roaming out in the Virginia Range hills, canyons and valleys. We are also thankful for the many volunteers in the state of Nevada, and all the Western states, that work so hard to keep our American Mustang free! Thank you to the few political figures and members of Congress who truly support the wild horses. In most of the Western states, supporting wild horses is not politically correct. Although, the American people want to see horses remain wild and free. We are thankful to see stately stallions protecting their families. We are thankful to see colts play fighting with their cousins, and grateful to see magnificent mares nursing their young feisty foals.

One way to show our gratitude is to donate to one or more of the deserving non-profit advocate groups. Let ‘em Run Foundation, Wild Horse Preservation Fund and Wild Horse Preservation League are just a few small groups in Northern Nevada that work all year long to help the Virginia Range wild horses. Any amount is always greatly appreciated! Follow links on our website: And click on the links on the right side of the home page to get more information about sponsoring a wild horse or how to donate.

Thank YOU for honoring and admiring the wild horses during your visit to Reno Nevada!

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