Sonny the Mustang Colt

We’ve been working on the back end of our system during the down time of our eco-tour season.
Sonny Boys Tours celebrated one year of service and the birth of “Sonny” (pictured above). It is a rare occasion to see a foal being born in the wild. He is now just barely four months old, and he’s growing every day!

We had some issues with a scam email at the end of 2011. So, this year we’ve set up a new email system with Mail Chimp. We want to continue sending you news updates about the mustangs. The new system offers automatic opt-in or opt-out. We hope you’ll continue to follow the good, bad and the ugly as we deliver current information about the wild horses.

Be sure to visit Sonny Boys Tours on Facebook and click the ‘like’ button! Also, check out our web site @ to see new pictures and updates!

Thank you to everyone who supported Sonny Boys Tours and the wild horses, and we hope you have a healthy and prosperous 2012!

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