Bachelor Spring Fun


Bachelor Spring Fun

Bachelor Spring Fun

And this is why it is important to practice safety first when observing wild horses! Young bachelor stallions love to horse around. Horseplay is sure fun to watch and exciting to catch in photographs. Mustangs are powerful and graceful. They are very active in the spring and waiting for an opportunity to find romance. It is always interesting to watch the dynamics in the family bands.

There are few places in the world where wild horses can be seen. Nevada is fortunate to be home to the Virginia Range horses. It is very important to treasure and preserve our magnificent American Mustang! They enrich our lives and fill our spirit with excitement and hope.

For more information and details about our service, check out our website: Feel free to call (775) 200-5205. If you would like to know more about advocacy and how you can help, follow the links on the right hand side of our web page.

The Hills are Alive with the Sight of Bunch Grass!

But What Do They Eat

But What Do They Eat

At long last Spring has Sprung! Wild horses are going wild for the little tufts of bunch grass that is popping up throughout the hillsides. They can’t get enough, and for good reason. Throughout the fall and winter, their diet is reduced to tumble weed and prickly, thorny dried up vegetation that any domestic horse would step over! The mustangs also help to keep down wildfires by eating the cheat grass that grows prolifically in the state of Nevada. As for water, seasonal creeks are meandering through the mountains and bringing life to the surrounding foliage.

Spring is a re-birth. Spring brings life to the landscape and renewed life for the wild horses that have survived on their own for a very long time! Their families keep them going. Now the landscape will help them to thrive so that we can enjoy seeing them as they grace the countryside.

For more information and details about our service, check out our website: Feel free to call (775) 200-5205. If you would like to know more about advocacy and how you can help the mustangs remain wild and free, follow the links on the right hand side of our web page.



Giving Thanks

Thankful for Wild Horses!

Thankful for Wild Horses!

We continue to be thankful to be so lucky to see wild horses free-roaming out in the Virginia Range hills, canyons and valleys. We are also thankful for the many volunteers in the state of Nevada, and all the Western states, that work so hard to keep our American Mustang free! Thank you to the few political figures and members of Congress who truly support the wild horses. In most of the Western states, supporting wild horses is not politically correct. Although, the American people want to see horses remain wild and free. We are thankful to see stately stallions protecting their families. We are thankful to see colts play fighting with their cousins, and grateful to see magnificent mares nursing their young feisty foals.

One way to show our gratitude is to donate to one or more of the deserving non-profit advocate groups. Let ‘em Run Foundation, Wild Horse Preservation Fund and Wild Horse Preservation League are just a few small groups in Northern Nevada that work all year long to help the Virginia Range wild horses. Any amount is always greatly appreciated! Follow links on our website: And click on the links on the right side of the home page to get more information about sponsoring a wild horse or how to donate.

Thank YOU for honoring and admiring the wild horses during your visit to Reno Nevada!

Somewhere Over a Summer Rainbow

Our Pot of Gold – Our American Mustang  (click on title)

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow, way up high

There is a land I heard of, in a lullaby

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, skies are blue

And the Dreams that you Dare to Dream, really do come True” 

Dreams Come True

Somewhere Over a Summer Rainbow

Satisfying Moments Watching Mustangs



We have noticed something about our visitors in the last four years.  Families that want to observe the mustangs usually have animals, pets dogs or cats or both.  Some are lucky enough to be horse owners.  The people watch in wonder as they see family bands and bachelor bands grazing on a hillside or heading down to the watering hole.  They always remark how beautiful they are.

They are not groomed or brushed; and the meager food they eat, has little nutritional value.  Yet, the Mustang, in all their rugged beauty, inspires admirers from all who watch them.  The young foals always bring a smile to our face.  The interaction between the stallions raises eyebrows and our heart rate probably jumps a beat or two!  It is such an honor when people from around the country return to Reno and want to see the wild horses again.


Watching wildlife, or even our domestic pets, bring us joy.  There is something internally satisfying about our furry and feathered friends.  But watching the horses, free roaming, and in their family bands is satisfying and a very special treat!

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