Horse of a Different Color

Orse of a Diffn' Coulor

A MUST see at Palomino Valley near Reno, NV.  This distinctive young colt has a curious coloring that is extremely rare.  At first glance, the markings are similar to the mule.  However, his ears are definitely horse.  Somehow this young mustang who was rounded up in Eastern Nevada in August 2011, made his way from the Northwest.  Maybe he is a throwback to the Keiger Mustangs who frequent the public range in Oregon.

What distinguishes the Keiger Mustang are the stripes on his legs and the classic dorsal stripe down his back.  The blood line of the Kieger dates back to the Spanish Conquistadors (1400-1600 AD) know as the Sorrais.  Even older blood lines of the Kieger are believed to originate in the pre-historic, ice-age equis.

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