We have noticed something about our visitors in the last four years.  Families that want to observe the mustangs usually have animals, pets dogs or cats or both.  Some are lucky enough to be horse owners.  The people watch in wonder as they see family bands and bachelor bands grazing on a hillside or heading down to the watering hole.  They always remark how beautiful they are.

They are not groomed or brushed; and the meager food they eat, has little nutritional value.  Yet, the Mustang, in all their rugged beauty, inspires admirers from all who watch them.  The young foals always bring a smile to our face.  The interaction between the stallions raises eyebrows and our heart rate probably jumps a beat or two!  It is such an honor when people from around the country return to Reno and want to see the wild horses again.


Watching wildlife, or even our domestic pets, bring us joy.  There is something internally satisfying about our furry and feathered friends.  But watching the horses, free roaming, and in their family bands is satisfying and a very special treat!

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