Stone Poly

Going through this spectacular canyon with it’s multi-colored rocks, we spotted the ‘stone pony’ along the hillside. Even though we had taken this route many times before, the image was not noticed until just the other day. But if you move just a few feet in either direction, you can not see the image, at all, of a horse running up the hill.

In one version of Greek mythology, the Horse was created from rock. The legend came about because Poseidon , the god of the sea, earthquakes, floods and horses wanted to win the favor of Demeter, the goddess of corn, grain and harvest. So he created the horse from rock to win her heart.

Wild Horses seem to win our hearts! Visitors perceive the Mustangs of the West as majestic, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. It is amazing to watch them in their family bands and so much fun to see the bachelor stallions sparing with each other for dominance. However, not everyone can appreciate the wild horse free-roaming throughout the hills and canyons. Visitors learn about the obstacles that Mustangs face in keeping their freedom. We look for solutions and hope that we do not loose sight of our higher values in life. The ‘Gems of the West – our American Mustang!

For more information about viewing wild horses or to book a tour, visit or call Tina at (775) 200-5205. And for more information about preserving the freedom of our American Mustang as wild and free visit Sonny Boys Tours on Facebook and

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