The strangest thing happened on the way to our tour today.  Our visitors wanted to see both the horses at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Palomino Valley AND horses out in the wild – or on the range.  When we arrived at the BLM adoption center, there were no horses!  Well, there were a few, however usually there are at least 800 or more in the pens.  The horses, they explained, were moved to Fallon in anticipation of filling the corrals with horses that were scheduled to be rounded up in July.  We went out to see the horses on the Virgina Range and, for the first time in our tour history, we saw more horses (some 40 or 50) on the range than at the BLM facility — a strange but wonderful thing!  There is current litigation pending a hearing on July 14 to stop the BLM from rounding up wild horses.  Some day, with any luck, our tours may all be on the range!  One can only hope.

Home on the Range

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