“Summertime and the livin’ is easy.



So hush little baby, Don’t you cry… “ music created by George Gershwin, a song from the opera Porgy and Bes.

With Daddy and Mammy standing by, little new foals will soon spread their wings! No matter where people come from, California to Florida, Costa Rica or Germany, the wild horse never cease to amaze us! Somehow, the horse represents the international language of the spirit within us all. Their striking beauty ignites the spark of energy we often loose in our day-to-day living. The Mustangs of the West brings joy to our senses. They have no limits or boundaries. They are only limited by the imagination of politicians and government agencies that control their destiny.

This week, livin’ aint so easy for a wild horse.  Due to the fact that the Federal Lands Subcommittee is holding an ‘oversight hearing’ to determine the fate for nearly 40,000 wild horses in ‘long-term holding facilities’ and another 40,000 thousand mustangs that still roam free on Public Lands. Republican Congressmen of the West are calling for elimination of our American Icons. The words ‘slaughter’ and ‘sterilization’ are among the recommendations. Most Americans along with our International Visitors are appalled to hear that the government cannot see the beauty and need to keep our wild horses alive and gracing the landscape.

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Please feel free to email me at sonny@renowildhorsetours.com, or call (775) 200-5205.

The legendary Frank T. Hopkins, born in 1865, was an early advocate of the mustang. His life was surrounded by as much controversy as the mustang. He left a compelling statement in his diary: A quote from Hopkins reads:

“In my day I watch the destruction of the buffalo and the antelope, We say their destruction was due to a benighted profligate generation, If we permit the MUSTANG to disappear we may be accused of the same qualities and we will deserve the accusation, The MUSTANG is as AMERICAN as George Washington and AMERICA is a vast enough land and IMPORTANT enough Nation to have A HORSE of our very own, HE IS FACING HIS LAST STAND, TO LET HIM GO WOULD IN MY OPINION BE A MAJOR AMERICAN NATIONAL TRAGEDY” – Frank T. Hopkins


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