Wild Horse Mirror

The leaves on the trees are changing color, and the Autumn leaves start to fall! As our variety of visitors from all corners of the world has seen, our Magnificent Mustangs exhibit a wide assortment of colors. Where did all these colors come from? Red Roans, Blue Roans, Bays, Chestnut, Appaloosa and Paints. Palomino, White and Creamello, are all beautiful to our eyes. Many of these colors come from ancient breeds.

The Native Americans tell stories of how their ancestors revered the horses of color. They had the children run off the Bays to allow the Appaloosa’s, Paints and White horses to eat the rich spring grasses and drink fresh spring waters. The tribes refer to these horses as ‘The Pre Columbus’ horse. Although the dark Bays are a still a dominant color among wild horses on the Virginia Range. The Native Americans contend that wild horses have always been part of their life.

As the Fall season turns to winter, their coats become thicker and shaggy. They will start to loose conditioning in their body. The land will offer only poor vegetation with little nutritional value. It is tempting for humans to want to help and feed them. However, there is good reason for the State of Nevada to have a law against feeding wild horses. Their ancestors have learned to survive and thrive throughout the Western states, even in harsh conditions.

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