But What Do They Eat

But What Do They Eat

At long last Spring has Sprung! Wild horses are going wild for the little tufts of bunch grass that is popping up throughout the hillsides. They can’t get enough, and for good reason. Throughout the fall and winter, their diet is reduced to tumble weed and prickly, thorny dried up vegetation that any domestic horse would step over! The mustangs also help to keep down wildfires by eating the cheat grass that grows prolifically in the state of Nevada. As for water, seasonal creeks are meandering through the mountains and bringing life to the surrounding foliage.

Spring is a re-birth. Spring brings life to the landscape and renewed life for the wild horses that have survived on their own for a very long time! Their families keep them going. Now the landscape will help them to thrive so that we can enjoy seeing them as they grace the countryside.

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