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In 1971, Federal legislation was passed that established the preservation of wild horses:  “wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West…”  The Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management or BLM became tasked with the job of managing the wild herds.  Horses are routinely rounded up from public lands. The subject of managing the Mustangs comes under heated debate.  Many horse enthusiasts have adopted Mustangs over the years, and most Mustangs are transformed into sociable, functional equine.  Yet, many thousands of horses have not been adopted and are kept in long-term holding facilities.

Wild horse advocates believe the horses should remain on public lands.   Other groups argue that horses left on the range would starve from lack of water and food to forage.  The argument continues on whether or not to ‘let em run’ or to take them off public lands.

In the state of Nevada, wild horses that are not on public lands are classified as feral.  Each year, the state Department of Agriculture removes wild horses when they are deemed a nuisance.  Local caring ranch owners have opened their hearts and their land to make sure that the wild horses’ lives are not cut short.

Wild horse sanctuaries are set at the foothills of the towering mountain ranges.  The peaceful surroundings help connect visitors with animals, divine creations, and transform us to a simpler time and place.  The ranch is operated off the grid — no power lines or city services.  In fact, most of the time, cell phone reception is poor.  Away from artificial noises, one can only absorb the natural sounds — the sounds of birds chirping and horses neighing.  Wide-open spaces make you aware of blue skies and exceptional cloud formations.

Your senses reawaken to feel the sun on your face and wind in your hair.  The smells of sagebrush, native grasses and seasonal blossoms get you in touch with nature.  Anticipate a flood of senses streaming in!  Boundaries are lifted.  The best part is the wild horses will bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your heart!


*Tour #1 Sanctuary Ranch — Phone reservations required 72 hours in advance.

Price: $56 per person (2 adult minimum)

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