Pyramid Lake is home to the Paiute tribe and they have lived on the land surrounding the lake for thousands of years. The Paiute, the Washoe, and the Shoshone tribes in the Great Basin region make up the Three Nations of Native Americans in Northern Nevada. One very special species of fish, the KuUi is only found at Pyramid Lake and is on the endangered species list.Taking in the sights of the lake includes observing the tufa formations, the infamous Pyramid and Stone Mother figure set the Lake apart from the ordinary. The two unique geological creations were formed over millions of years. They protrude from the water’s surface, and they transport one’s senses to somewhere else in time. Anaho Island is a spiritual place where the white pelican migrate to each year.

In 1843, expeditions lead by the French explorer, John C. Freemont and his scout Kit Carson traversed along the northwest region of Nevada with the goal of mapping out trails. They found the indigenous people to be friendly, peaceful and the Paiute extended hospitality to the explorers. By 1860, as more pioneers ventured west, the way of life for the Indians was jeopardized. The Kuyuidokado inhabited the area around the pre-historic lake until the European settlers began to desecrate their sources of food and land.

The U. S. Cavalry was deployed to ease tensions and protect white settlers from the ‘savage wild Indians’. The Paiute fought against the soldiers at the Pyramid Lake War to avenge the injustices done to them by white miners.


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