Willis Lamm and his Band

The Wild Horse Preservation League (WHPL) out of Dayton, NV held a hugely successful fund raiser in Virginia City on October 13, 2012. The event at the Opera House was sold out! Entertainment included Lacy J. Dalton singing ‘Run Mustang Run’!

Wild horses struggle to survive – not so much from the elements but from encroachment and competition for the land and water. Many visitors ask how they can help to preserve our American Mustang. Two important ways to help are: 1) follow the links on Sonny Boys Tours website (http://RenoWildHorseTours.com) to the various advocate groups including WHPL to donate money and 2) call, write and email your federal congress persons to let them know you appreciate and value the wild horses and burros and want to see the free-roaming in the western states! Even if you don’t live in Nevada, let the Dept. of Agriculture know the mustangs are what make Nevada a great state!

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