What do wild horses do in the wintertime to keep warm?  Grow a winter coat of course!  Mother nature provides wild animals with a thick ‘coat’ that protects them from the winter chill and dipping temperatures.

Anyone who has owned a horse and lived in below freezing temperatures has witnessed this in domestic horses too.  Rolling in the dust and dirt applies another layer of protection.  Family bands huddle together to create body heat which also helps keep everyone cozy and warm.

Wild and Wooly

Food sources , however, become sparse in the winter months.  The current drought has also affected water sources for horses in the wild.  Over the years, mustangs have learned to adapt to conditions with meager forage and water in times of scarce resources.

The most threatening condition for wild horses in the West is not the natural conditions but the affects of mankind encroaching on the animal’s habitats.  Nonprofit organizations are working tirelessly on behalf of our American Mustang to keep them wild and free.

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