Family Resemblence

You’re a Star

This beautiful family of ‘stars’ all have one thing in common. You guessed it – a star of their foreheads!
Stallions are such good fathers. They keep a vigilant eye on their mares and foals. The mares also protect their new little fillies and colts and watch us as we watch them! We humans need to keep an eye on them as well. Not everyone appreciates the value they bring to us just by being who they are. The horses need all the help they can get!

To find out how you can help keep these Virginia Range mustangs wild and free, click on the links on the right hand side of Sonny Boys website home page. Look for Hidden Valley Wild Horse Preservation Fund (HVWHPF), Let ’em Run Foundation or Wild Horse Preservation League (WHPL) and others. They continue to pledge their time, energy and talent to help these horses on a daily basis.

Go to: or call Tina at (775) 200-5205.

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